Capactiy: 4-50T/hr

– Working pressure: Up to 25 bar

– Boiler body construction:  water tube.

– Innovation design:

– Hot air through 3 pass



– Large and long chain stoker with 4-corner low speed, high temperature and heavy duty bearing blocks

– Ash breaking device is designed to reduce the fouling of coal, before it is dropped down on drag conveyor.

– Powerful air feeding system,re-adjustable the air flow in many location.

– Boiler is equipped with water pre-heater and air pre-heater.

– Clean dust collection system included: multi cyclone with venturi scrubber or advanced system as: Baghouse filter or ESP.

– Boiler is equipped with automatic control system by inverter or innovative control system as PLC-Scada.


Chain Stoker Furnace System for Boiler Application

Coal is one of the world’s main sources of energy used for generating electricity as well as steam for industrial processes . The combination of coal as a traditional fuel with the modern Chain Stoker Furnace technology perfected the near-perfect  produces boiler systems that meet and even exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our chain stoker design is guaranteed to burn low quality, low heat value (4000 kcal), fine coal (0 – 20 mm) and high moisture content (35%). It is also designed to efficiently burn every known biomass fuels such as Paddy Husk, Woodchips, Palm Fiber, Palm Shell, Saw Dust, etc.

Firing technology:

+ Air-cooled grate with coal distributor
+ Primary air is supplied in a controlled manner underneath the grate. The secondary air is added at the entrance to the freeboard zone.
+ Recirculated pre-heated air is added underneath and above the grate to optimize the combustion process.
+ The combustion chamber walls are made from water cooled full membrane walls with rackwool insulation lining only.

Boiler technology:

+ Water tube natural circulation boiler with temperature-controlled combustion chamber, downcomer radiation and convection tubes passes connected with convective heating surfaces and economizer passes.
+ In case of superheated steam requirement, the superheater temperature is controlled using spray attemperators arranged between the individual superheater stages.
+ The heating surfaces are cleaned with steam and/or pneumatic sootblower cleaning system.

Flue Gas treatment:

+ Pre-separation with double or multi cyclone
+ Venturi type scrubber system is optional.
+ Electrostatic precipitator or Baghouse filter, depending on the fuel and emission regulation. The separation of toxic substances from the exhaust gas is done by dry absorption.
+ NOx reduction with SNCR process (in the radiation chamber)

Chain Stoker boiler widely used in all industrial fields:
+ Automatic coal feeding and ash slagging.
– Operating with stable pressure and temperature.
+ High steam temperature
+ Hybrid fuel
+ Easy and effective operation
+ Easy maintenance
+ Turn down ratio: flexible